You can through this page know the vision, mission and goals

A.    Vision:
Represent the management of international cooperation and scientific societies Superior management model to achieve the objectives of scientific societies and organization of procedures and facilitate their work in accordance with the provisions of the rules of scientific societies.

B.     Mission:
Advising the direct supervision of the scientific societies of the University of King Saud.

C.    Goals:

a.       The development of scientific and professional performance of scientific societies.

b.      Management consulting in various fields of scientific societies.

c.       Facilitate the work of scientific societies for the service of its members and its employees and the community.

d.      To achieve communication between the scientific societies and university administration and professional bodies and institutions.

e.       The development of scientific research output associations in the field of specialization and work on the development and revitalization.

D.    Terms of Reference:
The Department of International Cooperation and Scientific Societies set of roles and tasks could be clarified as follows:

a.       Supervision of associations and boards of directors and its foundation.

b.      Studying the transactions referred to by the scientific societies and directed to specialized departments of the university.

c.       Direct supervision of the conduct of elections, boards of scientific societies using electronic voting systems.

d.      Submission of proposals to develop the work of scientific societies.

e.       Conducting studies to develop and improve the Department's work.

f.       Documentation of work procedures in the administration.

g.      Develop criteria for the establishment of scientific societies.

h.      Work to develop the rules governing scientific societies in Saudi universities.

i.        A manual election boards of scientific societies at King Saud University and work.

j.        Develop criteria for evaluating the efficiency of the management of scientific societies and exchange controls by the University of King Saud and to work with.

k.      Develop internal rules governing the editorial boards of scientific journals of scientific societies at King Saud University and working out.

l.        The development of electronic systems for membership, and administrative communication and the elections for the development of mechanisms of action of management and scientific societies.